Monday, June 7, 2010

What Is In Your Wallet?

I once read a story about a young man who applied for a job with his company back in the 1950s. After putting him through the usual checking procedures, the Division Manager decided not to hire him. Although he had an excellent record, it seemed to the Division Manager that he lacked drive and aggressiveness.
The young salesman took out his wallet to hand his card to the man who was interviewing him. A photo fell to the floor. It was a picture of a very impressive looking home.

"What's this?" asked the Division Manager, startled.

The young man was embarrassed, but answered, "The home I hope to own some day."

The Division Manager took another look at this prospective employee. No drive? No aggressiveness?

That just couldn't be so. A young man without drive would not have such a specific goal. His particular goal had the added incentive of an emotional charge because of his love for his family.
The young man was hired immediately, and he continued to forge ahead.
Within a few years, he had the home of his dreams, and was constantly raising his goals.

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