Monday, May 31, 2010

Choose Success

Are you starting a new project or adventure?  How important is positive thinking in the final outcome of any endeavor?
Most successful people start each new task as if final failure were impossible. They think, live, and breathe success. Believing they have a right to it, they proceed toward their goal without hampering doubts.
Outstanding achievements cannot, however, be traced entirely to constructive methods of thinking. Mere expectation of success wouldn't be sufficient if you didn't implement positive thoughts with constructive, positive actions.
But all actions have to begin with thoughts. Successful enterprises begin with the thought that there can be only one final result, success. How does this technique work? Knowing that the final result will be success instead of failure, you release within yourself enough energy to carry almost any task to a successful conclusion. If there are specific facts to be gathered, you will gather them. If there are individuals to be won over to your idea, you will win them over. If you visualize failure instead of success, you simply won't have enough stamina to carry you through the basic jobs necessary to achieve any goal. So before you start anything, visualize yourself as successful in the long run.
Act as if success were the only possible outcome.

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