Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Review; A Promise To Remember

 A Promise to Remember, by Kathryn Cushman, is a story about how two very different families deal with grief.  I chose this book to read because I recently installed the Kindle for PC software on my laptop computer.  The publisher is offering this book as a FREE download for Kindle users.

Chad Phelps and Jeff Johnston are killed in a car wreck.  The Phelps family is wealthy and live in an exclusive area of Santa Barbara, California.  Melanie Johnston is a single mom and works in a grocery store to earn a living.  Chad Phelps had been drinking the night he collided with Jeff Johnston.

This book provides a look at how the families go through  denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance in dealing with the loss of their teenage sons. 

This is a Christian fiction book but it is not preachy.  Christian beliefs and values are used by both families to move forward and accept this tragedy.  The theme of the story is forgiveness. 

I could really relate to this book because I was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in 1992.  I went through many of the same feelings that were portrayed in this book.  This is a very helpful book for anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience.  It will help you get things in the proper perspective.

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