Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife - A Movie Review

The Time Traveler's Wife was adapted from the 2003 novel by Audrey Niffeneger. I was interested in this movie because the main character in the story is a librarian. Since I spent many years working as a librarian, I seem to be drawn to stories about libraries and librarians.

Henry DeTamble and Clare Abshire experience a kind of love that is not limited by time. The movie is both a love story and a science fiction fantasy. I found the beginning of the movie difficult to follow because it jumped from one period of time to another in Henry's life. I think I finally engaged in the story when Clare met Henry in the library and they got married.

Clare's love is put to the test many times because of Henry's disappearing acts. Henry had a disorder that was labeled "chrono-impairment" and he would randomly travel back or forward in time. Clare was bitterly disappointed when she wanted to be a mother but was unable to carry a baby to term. She eventually gives birth to a little girl named Alba, who is also a time traveler.

I thought the interactions between Henry and Alba were especially heart wrenching. The way that Henry died was extremely ironic - I am NOT a hunting enthusiast. A happy family reunion at the end of the movie emphasized the theme that true love never ends.

I have to admit that I started reading the book when it first came out but lost interest and never finished it. The same thing almost happened during the movie. The action jumped around from one period of time to another so much that my head was spinning. It all kind of came together at the end for me. I would like to re-read the book to find the details that the movie left out.


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