Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Peaks And Valleys Of Life

I am a great fan of Dr.Spencer Johnson's parables. I remember reading Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Lifeand learned to focus on what I gained instead of what I lost when things changed.
Dr. Johnson has written a new book about dealing with the peaks and valleys in life. Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You--At Work And In Life is a story about a young man who lived unhappily in a valley. The young man struggled out of the valley and climbed a high peak. He met an old man on the peak and listened to his story. The old man offered some wise advise on dealing with the ups and downs of life.

Are you living on top of the world? Is everything going your way?

  • Be humble and grateful.
  • Do more of what got you there.
  • Keep making things better.
  • Do more for others.
  • Save resources for your upcoming Valley.

Are you going through some tough times? Financial problems? Relationship problems? Health problems?

  • Do the opposite of what put you in the valley.
  • Get outside yourself; be of more service at work and more loving in life.
  • Avoid comparisons.
  • Uncover the good that is hidden in a bad time, and use it to your advantage.
  • Imagine yourself enjoying a better future in such specific, believable detail, that you soon enjoy doing what takes you there.
  • Relax, knowing that valleys end.

This book helped me put everything in the proper perspective. Peaks and Valleys are connected. The errors I make in the good times create tomorrow's bad times. The wise things I do in the bad times create tomorrow's good times.

This little book is just what the doctor ordered for the problems we are facing in today's world. This too shall pass.

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