Saturday, December 27, 2008

The One-Legged Bird

Yesterday was the day after Christmas. I decided to go to Walmart to take advantage of some of the post-Christmas sales. I came out of the store, loaded my stuff into the vehicle and prepared to start the engine. I looked up and saw something very peculiar. There was a black starling standing on the hood of my white vehicle. I immediately noticed that there was something different about this bird. He was standing on one leg.

I took a closer look. I could see that the bird's left leg had been severed about an inch from it's body. He was so close that I could have easily touched him if it had not been for the glass of the windshield. He hopped around on his one leg and then he seemed to sit down to rest his weary limb.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to start the engine and frighten him. I thought he might be hungry so I took a piece of bread out of my grocery bag and threw a few pieces out the window. I suppose I startled him because he flew to the car right next to me and stared down at me. He didn't want my food...or my sympathy.

I started my vehicle and slowly pulled out of my parking space. I wish I would have taken his picture. I had a digital camera in my purse but I didn't even think about pulling it out. As I drove away, I saw him relieve himself on the car that he was now perched on.

I know that this bird was trying to tell me something. You see, I was in a bad car wreck over 16 years ago and my right leg was broken in 5 places. I often find myself feeling sorry for myself because I have a bad knee and a weak ankle. The bird did not have a leg but he was not depressed, anxious or crying. He seemed to be saying, "Don't worry because every little thing is going to be OK".

As I face a new year, I will remember the courage, the spunk and the perseverance of the one-legged bird. If a bird can survive in the wild with just one leg, then what is my problem?

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trentp71 said...

I think that you are right on about the one-legged bird. We all too often wallow in pity and feel sorry for ourselves for perceived in justices in our lives when we should instead be counting our blessings.

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