Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Tweet It Is!

I am a tweet....a twit....even a twitaholic! I have been getting my feet wet on Twitter. It has been a great journey and a fantastic learning experience. I have met many marvelous people who have greatly added to my knowledge of social media and internet marketing.

It is truly amazing what can be communitcated in 140 characters or less. It is known as microblogging. Each time you post on Twitter, you answer a simple question - "What are you doing?"

As a newbie Twit, I often found myself wondering what to post. What am I doing that would be interesting to my followers? I gradually learned that there are many ways to share information with my Twitter friends.

Here are some ways that I connect with tweeple on Twitter:
  1. I really post what I am doing. Getting the kids ready for school? Taking the dogs for a walk? Working on my next blog post? Waiting in the doctor's office? My followers are interested to know that I do the same kind of things that they do.
  2. Being a good listener and posting comments. Everyone likes to get feedback. Everyone likes to be noticed. I post @ replies to tweets that I find interesting. Sometimes I ask questions or give my input on what was posted.
  3. Giving sincere compliments. If I just read a fascinating blog article written by one of my Twitter friends, I provide a link and recommend the post to my followers.
  4. Posting links to my blogs. I recommend products. I share recipes. I pass along good deals that I find online.

The Twitterverse is a fascinating place to visit. I am learning more everyday.


Anonymous said...


Thx for sharing your early experiences with Twitter. While everyone has his/her own reasons for Tweeting, most of them revolve around the topics you covered. As with most things, I think you'll find you get out of Twitter what you put into it. The more you share, help, engage with others, the more good things that come back your way. Keep tweeting!


Anonymous said...

Nice job, Janette! You are clear and succinct and provide some advice for fellow newbies.

I'm just amazed at the QUALITY of information, idea exchanges, feedback and support I find on twitter. No doubt there's a vast QUANTITY of people out there tweeting about various things. I am now using twitter instead of google to do research, get ideas, etc. It is a phenomenal resource!

All the best to you,

Lara Galloway

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