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Male Molestation Victim Pens Emotional Memoir

Songs from an Imperfect Life

Author: J. Ronald M. York

Publisher: St. Broadway Press

Publication Date: March 18, 2018

Length: 228 Pages

About the Author
J. Ronald M. York graduated from Belmont University with studies in voice and piano. He spent the next two decades in the field of interior design before opening his first art gallery. When not in the gallery, Mr. York can be found in his studio painting, at his piano composing, or assisting numerous nonprofit agencies with fundraising. He is the author of "Kept in the Dark."
“Secrets. We all have them, and we all hope they will never be revealed. My parents, relatives and a handful of close friends took our family secret to their graves. And yet, my parents held on to a box of incriminating evidence, through five moves in three different cities, to be left for me to find long after everyone was gone.”
Revealing is Healing
This is a story of family secrets and the effects these secrets had on the author's life.

The author's father was arrested, pled guilty and served jail time for molesting boys in his Boy Scout Troop in the 1950s. 

Mr. York was first molested at the First Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee when he was seven years old. The male predator was a respected, upstanding member of the church. 

The sexual abuse continued at church, in movie theaters, in public restrooms and department stores until the author graduated from high school.

As an adult, Mr. York pursued a homosexual lifestyle and participated in many risky sexual acts and dysfunctional relationships.

The author is now in his sixties and has written this book about his life with insight, understanding and compassion. It is time for healing and forgiveness.

My Thoughts
Mr. York's family appeared to be a normal church-going, white middle class family. No one would have guessed the secrets that were never discussed. However, keeping secrets came at a high price. The author never told his parents about the inappropriate touching at church or any of the other sexual encounters he had as a child. Yet, you have to wonder if there weren't many warning signs that were intentionally ignored.

Mr. York provides many examples of how his childhood abuse changed the way he perceived himself and those around him...and not in a good way. This story of abuse is very disturbing, but the author does not consider himself a victim. 

This is an account of resilience and determination to overcome the past and walk confidently into the future. This is a gripping memoir that is worthy of your time. Highly recommended!


FYI ~ I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

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