Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wealth Redefined - A Review

Wealth Redefined: Charting the Way to Personal and Financial Freedom

Authors: Bob Reby and Greg Ruais

Publisher: River Grove Books

Publication Date: August 2, 2017

Pages: 183

About the Author
After graduating from James Madison University with a BA in Finance in 1985, Robert J. Reby decided to pursue his passion for personal finance by founding Reby Advisors. After more than three decades in business, his vision and the firm’s mission remain the same: to inspire people to achieve financial peace of mind.

Wealth is More Than Money
Do you have a financial plan for your future?

Have you made goals for your investment strategies?

What are your hopes and dreams for retirement?

Drawing on over twenty years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner, author Bob Reby explores the idea that wealth means different things to different people. Your health, relationships, and family are all components of wealth, and your financial plan should be in line with those values.

My Thoughts
I think this is the first book on the subject of financial planning that I have ever reviewed on this blog. I wish I had read this book AND TAKEN ACTION on managing my finances many years ago. However, it is never too late to educate myself on financial matters that will provide freedom and peace of mind in future days.

A financial plan is unique to each individual. It is based on that person's goals for the future. A large portion of this book is dedicated to retirement planning. How can you live the lifestyle that you want without running out of money?

Mr. Reby is a financial planner and highly recommends the use of a professional adviser to keep you on track with your financial goals.  He believes that "wealth redefined means that we should strive to achieve the right balance in our lives that also takes into consideration whether we're spending our time and our money on the right things."

Mr. Reby explains exactly how to go about choosing the best financial planner for your situation. He offers information about the right kind of insurance and how to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

The author believes the most critical financial risk facing investors today is behavioral risk. That means people who make unwise investment decisions based on FEAR and GREED.  There is an entire chapter dedicated on how to avoid investment mistakes that will shipwreck your future.

As a novice investor, I found this book very helpful. The information is presented in an understandable manner and many examples and case studies are provided. This book has encouraged me to read and study and learn more on this important topic. 


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FYI - I received a digital review copy of this book from Net Galley.

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