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Kindle Books For Kids: My Dog's Got Fleas by Julia Dweck

My Dog's Got Fleas

Author: Julia Dweck
Illustrator: Mark Aardvart

Publisher: KiteReaders

Date: January 11, 2013

About the Author
Julia Dweck writes children's stories for digital and traditional publication. Her stories span the spectrum of humor, fantasy, and edutainment in rhyme and in prose. Julia's background in elementary education affords her the opportunity to be in touch with what children want to read about and what makes them giggle.

Fleas With ATTITUDE!
Have you ever had a problem with fleas?

If you have a pet, your answer is probably "YES!"

A young boy takes his dog to a veterinarian and is told that his dog is covered with RARE fleas.

These are no ordinary fleas. Each of the fleas have a unique personality and occupation.

There is ArtFlea. He is an artist who likes to draw and doodle atop a purebred poodle.

There is GleeFlea. She sings inside the shower and tub and is the director of the flea glee club.

There is a super hero flea named WonderFlea. He is stronger than 1,000 fleas and wears a long red cape. 

Some fleas are not very nice. There is BreadFlea. He is a nasty flea who is always plotting evil schemes.

The vet comes up with a plan to rid the dog of these rare fleas.
Where did they all go? 
Where are they living now?
You will get a good giggle when you discover who is itching at the end of the story!

My Thoughts
I have several pet dogs so I can definitely relate to the problem in this story. Children know that fleas are pesky parasites that need to be avoided at all costs.

The fleas in this rhyming story are very different. Each flea has a talent and plays a role in the flea community. Children will relate to the different kinds of fleas and will recognize the good and bad behaviors that exist in any social  setting.

I really like the way the story ends in a humorous manner. The fleas are not killed with harsh chemicals, they just find a new, unexpected home. 

The color illustrations are awesome and add a great deal of value to the story. Mr. Aardvart took a somewhat difficult subject (fleas?) and created original and unique animated illustrations that will delight readers of all ages. The formatting is very professional with full-screen color illustrations and four lines of text on each page.

This book will appeal to children on many different levels. A dog and a group of charming fleas. What more could you ask for?
Highly recommended for children and the entire family.

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

FYI - I received a complimentary digital copy of this ebook to read and review from the author.

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