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Book Review: From Notting Hill With Love...Actually by Ali McNamara

From Notting Hill with Love...Actually

Author: Ali McNamara

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Date: October 1, 2012

Guest Reviewer: Cindy Phelps Thomas

About the Author
Ali McNamara lives in Cambridge with her family and two Labrador dogs. This is her first novel.

Real Life or Movie?
Scarlett O’Brien has an average life; a good job, good friends, and is engaged to a good man. There is very little excitement though. Scarlett has a love for the cinema; this is the only excitement in her life. She constantly quotes and imagines movies, specifically romantic comedies and compares them to her dull life.
As her wedding date nears, it is apparent that she needs to have some time to herself. Her best friend arranges for her to house sit in Notting Hill, the set of one of her favorite movies. Scarlet sets out on a mission. She wants to prove to everyone that real life can resemble movies. She plans to do this by taking note every time she lives out a scene she has seen in a movie.
The first day that she is in Notting Hill she meets an exciting new friend and lives out more than one scene from a movie. She is happy with the start. As she continues on with her month long stay, she starts to search for her mother who abandoned her as a baby. She realizes this is a part of her life that she has been longing to find.  
She begins this adventure with her irritating but attractive next door neighbor, Sean. As the time moves on, she is not sure if her life is the real life movie that she is currently living out with Sean and her new friends; or if real life consists of the boring but stable life she has back home with her father and fiance.
My Thoughts
I adore this book!  I am a huge fan of romantic comedy movies and this is the perfect book for such a fan. The characters are lovable and the scenes are wonderful (especially if you have seen movies such as Notting Hill). There are even cameos of a few famous actors and actresses.
This is one of the best “Chick Lit” books I have read. I did not want to put it down, but unfortunately I  had to. I just finished the book and now have a long list of movies (mentioned in the book) that I will be watching as soon as time allows. I highly recommend this book!
My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5
Cindy Phelps Thomas is a U.S. Navy Veteran (2001-2005). She earned her BS in Psychology/Criminal Justice from the University of Houston at Clear Lake. She received an elementary teaching certification and is a former kindergarten teacher in the La Porte, TX School District. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and is working on her MBA degree at the University of Houston.

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