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Book Review: The Big Book of Craft Interviews by Alison Wood

The Big Book of Craft Interviews

Author: Alison Wood

Publisher: Alison Wood

Date: October 30, 2012

About The Author 
Alison Wood is a writer in several areas that are close to her heart, including crafts and running a craft business, pets and animal welfare, and themes related to mind, body and spirit. She feels that we all have a diverse range of interests in our daily lives and that we should explore all aspects of these.

Meet 17 Crafters Who Turned Their Love of Crafting Into a Business 
This book started with interviews on Alison Wood's Art of Crafts blog. Ms. Wood became fascinated with how people were turning their love of crafts into businesses so she posted interviews with successful crafters.This book is a compilation of the interviews that were posted on her blog.

Seventeen successful crafters were asked the following question;
  • Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are based. 
  • What is the nature of your craft and business?
  • What first interested you in your craft?
  • Did you have any formal training or are you self-taught?
  • How did the idea for your business come about?
  • How long have you been established?
  • How do you find inspiration and where do you locate your materials?
  • Is your business full time or part-time?
  • What advice would you give to others who are considering running a craft based business?
  • How do you sell your wares?
  • Where can people go to learn more about your business?
This book includes a wide variety of artist and crafters from all over the world. The book includes interviews with the owners of "Grammy's Altered Life", "The Sewing Directory", "A Crafting Journey" and "Earthegy".

My Thoughts
I am absolutely CRAZY about paper crafts so I found this book to be both inspiring and challenging.This book features interviews from crafters who sew, knit, draw, paint, bake, make jewelry and other skills and talents.

My favorite part of each interview was the advice that the crafter offered to people who are interested in starting their own crafts-based businesses. There are links to each of the interviewees blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Etsy store. 

Crafts blogs are red hot and sites like Etsy have made handmade items extremely popular. I recommend this book to all who are looking for ideas and inspiration in the wide world of arts and crafts. You should also check out the author's blog because she frequently posts new interviews and information about turning your love of crafting into a business.

My Rating - 5 Stars Out Of 5

 FYI ~ I received this ebook from Amazon during a special FREE promotion. Please check the price before ordering.

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