Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Children's Book Review: When I Grow Up by Jason Bardwell

When I Grow Up!

Author: Jason Bardwell

Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace

Date: October 5, 2012

About The Author
Jason Bardwell is an independent author and artist who has written and published two children's books. I recently read and posted a review of his first book ~ Beware of the Teacher!

I Wonder What I'll Be?
Children are often asked what they want to be when they grow up. This picture book provides a nice selection of occupations that children will want to learn more about.

The book begins with a confused young man thinking about all the possibilities that he will consider in the future. The color illustrations show the same young man on each page of the book dressed in appropriate clothes for his occupation.

He might be a game show host, astronaut, scientist, teacher....the sky is the limit! The author invites the young reader to draw a picture of himself doing the job he is dreaming about on the last page of the book. The author shares his address and asks the reader to write comments about the book and send him the picture in the mail.

My Thoughts
Many children are encouraged to think about their future career path at an early age. This book will spark the imaginations of young readers and open many doors of opportunity for future research and learning.

Young readers will love the full-page color pictures of the same young man through-out the book. At the end of the story, the young man realizes that it doesn't matter what kind of job he does, he will always be a unique individual with special talents and skills.

I really like the author's invitation to interact with his readers. Children will enjoy writing a letter to the author (with a little help from a parent or teacher) and sharing their unique drawing.

This book offers an entertaining opportunity to explore future career opportunities and practice some art and writing skills. I highly recommend this book for pre-school and early elementary children.

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

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