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Children's Book Review: Waiting for the Biblioburro by Monica Brown

Waiting for the Biblioburro

Author: Monica Brown
Illustrator: John Parra

Publisher: Tricyle Press

Date: August 9, 2011

About The Author
Monica Brown, Ph.D. is the author of award-winning bilingual books for children.

Taking The Librarian Out Of The Library
Ana lives in a small village in Colombia. Her teacher moved far away so now the children of the village do not go to school. Ana spends her time reading the one and only book that she owns over and over.

One day, Ana looks down the hill below her house and sees a man with a sign that reads "Biblioburro". The man has two burros with him and the burros are loaded down with Libros! Books!

The children all come running out and greet the man. He tells them he is a librarian and the books belong to his moving library. He spreads out the books under a tree and the children sit around him. The librarian reads a story, sings songs and invites the children to choose a book.

When the Biblioburro returns several weeks later, Ana presents the librarian with a book that she wrote. He reads Ana's book to the children under the tree and takes it with him to share with other children.

This book is based on the life of Luis Soriano Bohorquez who lives near La Gloria, Colombia. This librarian and his two donkeys deliver books to children who live in remote Colombian villages.

My Thoughts
I remember visiting the Bookmobile when I was a child. I went to a very small country school and we did not have a school library. The teacher would pick four or five students from our class to go out and choose books for our classroom library. I still remember how excited I was when I was chosen to go out to the Bookmobile.

It is so inspiring to read about a librarian who is willing to get out of his comfort zone and deliver books to children in remote areas. Three cheers for this hero librarian!

If you would like to get a preview of this children's picture book, please take a look at this video book trailer.

I highly recommend this book for children of all ages. There are so many lessons that can be learned from this book...and it is a really fun read!

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

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