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Book Review: 100 Shareable Blog Post Ideas

100 Shareable Blog Post Ideas (Easy to Write, Easy to Share) (The Digital Writer)

Author: The Digital Writer ( Sean Platt)

Publisher: Sterling & Stone (April 2, 2012)

About The Author
After spending three years as a ghostwriter, Sean Platt has written it all: memoirs to fiction, sales letters to info products (and everything in between). As an acclaimed copywriter and creative producer, he has designed and polished editorial calendars for successful blogs that have driven revenue, increased sales, and dramatically improved traffic and search engine rankings for his online clients, and has written copy for some of the largest writing and lifestyle blogs on the Web.

Do You Need Some Fresh Blogging Ideas?
Sean Platt provides 100 ideas that can be used to write multiple articles for your blog. Here are the first 10 ideas that are presented in this ebook;
1) Compile a List of the Most Common Mistakes Made By People in Your Niche
2) Prove an Authority Wrong

3) Add to a List Created by Another Blogger
4) Flesh Out a Single Comment on Another Blog Into a Full Post
5) Find Holes in Your Competition (There WILL Be Some)

6) Curate or Summarize Someone Else’s Work
7) Take a Negative Comment and Spin It Into a Full Post
8) Check Web 2.0 (YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc) sites. Tweak what’s trending
9) Gather Feedback from 10 or So Different Bloggers
10) Discuss a Topic on a Forum, Then Reprint the Conversation on Your Blog

Need more ideas? Here is a full list of blog post ideas from the book;
11) Ask a Question on Twitter and Record the Best Replies
12) Compile the Best Posts About a Particular Topic
13) Write a Post Designed For a Total Newbie
14) Highlight the Best Comments Your Blog’s Ever Received
15) Make a List of The Best Quotes From Your Niche
16) Make a List of the Best Videos From Your Niche
17) Make a List of the 10 Best TED Talks That Apply to Your Niche
18) Create a List of Free Resources
19) Create a List of Paid Tools (With Affiliate Links!)
20) Write a Step-By-Step Tutorial
21) Publish an Image Roundup
22) Write a Product Review
23) Make a List of 10 blogs in Your Niche You Couldn’t Live Without
24) Carry Out an Argument to its Furthest Extreme
25) Publish a Rant
26) Write a Parody of a Popular Post
27) Publish a Manifesto
28) Craft a Well-Articulated Confessional
29) Make Fun of a Marketing Email That’s Recently Hit Your Inbox
30) Write About a Tool or Service Everyone Loves That You Just Can’t Get Behind
31) Controversial Post
32) Make Up 10 Blogs in Your Niche That Don’t Really Exist (And Make Them Funny)
33) Make a List of Up-And-Coming Bloggers
34) Make a Prediction That No One Else Has
35) Interview Someone Controversial
36) Make a List of People to Follow on Twitter
37) Create a Roundup of the Best Tutorials in Your Niche
38) Interesting Examples of People Using Facebook or Google + Well in Your Niche
39) Write About an A-Lister You Admire
40) Promote Your Competition
41) Best of the Year
42) Review a Niche-Specific Publication
43) Write About How You Organize the Information You Need Most For Your Niche
44) List the Things You Would Change About Your Niche If You Could
45) Imagine the Future of Your Niche
46) Write a Long Comment on Someone Else’s Blog, Then Turn It Into a Post on Yours
47) Detail a Case Study
48) Publish the 10 Commandments of Your Business
49) List the Best Jokes in Your Niche
50) Draw a Parallel Between a Movie and Your Niche
51) Record the Ways Social Media Has Completely Transformed Your Industry
52) Discuss Something at the Fringes of Your Niche
53) Sift Through Industry Titles on Amazon to Spark New Ideas
54) Write a Letter to Your Future Self
55) Publish an Interview
56) Respond to a Criticism
57) Tell a Story
58) List 10 Things You Learned About Life, and Where You Learned Them
59) Write About Your Guilty Pleasures
60) Interesting-Things-About-You Post, Tied to the Interests of Your Audience
61) Discuss Someone Famous Who Dealt With Similar Issues as You
62) Write About a Specific Hurdle and How You Hopped It
63) Relate Your Niche to Someone Famous
64) Reflect on Where You Were One, Two, or Three Years Ago
65) Look Through Your Analytics For Searches Without Matches, Then Write Copy to Match
66) Thank Your Audience
67) Publish a Roundup of Your Worst Posts. Say Why They Were Poor and What You Would Do to Fix Them
68) Publish a Roundup of Your Best Guest Posts
69) Publish a Roundup of Your Best Posts
70) Deconstruct Your Successes
71) Update an Older Post With a Fresh Perspective
72) A List of Your Goals For the Coming Year
73) Explain What’s Different About You and Your Blog
74) Write About Why You Started Blogging
75) How You Use Marketing in Your Business
76) How You Outsource or Automate Something Complicated
77) Write About a Hypothetical Situation, Clearly Outlined and Detailed
78) Provide an Industry-Specific Template
79) Explain How to Do Something FAST
80) Explain a Cool Way to Use an App or Hidden Feature No One Is Using
81) Write a List Of 10 Books That Have Changed How You Do Business
82) Draw a Mind Map, Then Explain It
83) Take a Problem and Break It Into Its Simplest Parts
84) Compile a Large Number of Single-Sentence Tips
85) Write a Satire Post
86) Run a Contest
87) Write a Timeline
88) Write a Series
89) Offer Your Services For FREE
90) Debunk Your Niche’s Top Myths
91) Do Some Keyword Research, Then Fill in the Blanks
92) Publish Link Bait
93) List the Pros and Cons of Something Relevant to Your Audience’s Interests
94) Take a Stand
95) Use a Metaphor to Tie Your Topic to Something Entirely Unrelated
96) Research Amazon to Come Up With Pain Points of Your Audience
97) Create a Giant List of Something
98) Conduct a Survey
99) Cover a Quickly Growing Trend
100) Write an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
There 100 blogging ideas were originally published on Mr. Platt's blog ~ 100 Blog Post Ideas (Turn Your Brainstorming to Autopilot)

My Thoughts
You might think that you don't have to buy the book because I listed the 100 ideas in this post. You are very WRONG!
The book explains exactly how you can use these ideas to write multiple posts for your blog. These ideas are great but it is up to you to make them original and awesome.

Mr. Platt provides three or four sample blog titles that you can use with each of these ideas. These titles will grab the reader's attention and have them eager to read your post to learn more.

This book is an excellent guide for writing fresh content that you can use in your niche blog. You will never have writer's block if you keep this list of ideas handy.
Highly recommended!

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

FYI ~ I ordered this ebook from Amazon.Com when it was offered as a free digital download. Please check the price before ordering. The link at the top of the post is my Amazon affiliate link. I appreciate your support!

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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