Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kindle Books For Kids: C Is For China

C is for China
By Robyn Chance

Publisher: Rhemalda Publishing
(March 1, 2012)

About The Author
Robyn Chance lives in Olympia, Washington.  She is a teacher and an artist. Over the years she has developed a real passion for telling stories about the enchanting world in which we live. Her goal is to help children explore and become curious about the world around them.

Rhymes and Pictures
 "C Is For China" is a beautiful picture book that features some of China's history, mythology, language and character. The author wrote this book for her adopted daughter and for all children. She used rhyming text and beautiful watercolor paintings to illustrate the geography, history, people and culture of China.

This book consists of several lines of rhyming text and an illustration for each letter of the alphabet. Here is an example of the rhyming text;
G is for the Great Wall, which took years to create.
It was built for protection, and is anything but straight!
It careens through the mountains and dives through the valleys.
It was made from strong stone and it has many alleys.
The author encourages the young readers to look for Chinese characters that appear on each illustration. The Chinese character that appears on each page represents the main idea presented in that narrative.

My Thoughts
This ebook is a real visual feast. The watercolor illustrations are superb and the rhyming text is an excellent way to engage children in facts and fun.

I viewed this book on the small screen of a Kindle 3 with black-and-white illustrations. The illustrations were printed on the top 1/3 of the page and the text appeared under the  picture. The formatting was good and I could easily view the picture and text on each page. I also read the book on my Kindle for PC application on the big screen of my laptop computer. The large color illustrations were outstanding on the larger screen and I enjoyed seeing the details that were not visible in the smaller images on my Kindle.

It really is a small world and a book like this is a great way to make learning an enjoyable experience for kids. I loved this ebook and I think it is a valuable resource for children of all ages. Highly recommended.

My Rating:  5 Stars Out Of 5

FYI ~ I ordered this book when it was offered as a free download from Amazon.Com. Please check the price before ordering.

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