Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Review: Happiness In A Nutshell

Written and Illustrated by Andrew Matthews

Seashell Publishers, 1999
(Reprinted 16 times to April 2012)

ISBN: 0 9577572 6 3

About The Author
Over 1 million people have attended Andrew Matthews' seminars and keynote speeches across Australia, Asia and North America. His presentations are laced with humor and he draws lightning-fast cartoons as he speaks!

Andrew Matthews’ books including "Happiness Now", "Follow Your Heart", "Being Happy!", "Making Friends", and "Being a Happy Teenager" are now published in 38 different languages with sales of over 5 million copies in 60 countries.

Consider Changing Your Thinking
When you change (your thinking), your situation changes. It is law.

This book provides food for thought served with a large dose of laughter. Mr. Matthews shares wisdom and wit in his endeavor to explain the key to true happiness.

The law of the seed;
effort + patience = results
You reap your harvest
after you do the work.

This little volume will put a smile on your face and inspiration in your heart.

My Thoughts
I downloaded this book because it was being offered as a FREE ebook on Amazon.Com. I was attracted to the funny cartoon on the cover and was very curious about the contents of this ebook.
It took me about ten minutes to read the book and it was time well spent. The advice for finding happiness is right on target and the original cartoons are just delightful.

This is the kind of book that should be read over and over again. It is a simple and effective reminder that we can be happy....if we want to be.

FYI ~ This ebook is being offered as a FREE Kindle ebook TODAY on Amazon.Com. Please check the price before downloading.

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