Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poem - Mixed Media Greeting Card

I recently found a big box of old sheet music and music books at an estate sale. Some of these music books were very old and very worn.

I chose a song named "Poem" from a music book that was tattered and torn. I used the title of the song and a small piece of the music. I then punched birds hearts and circles from the music (Martha Stewart punches).

I used a picture of a Victorian woman from a packet of illustrations from old public domain books. I glued all these items onto a blank kraft card with Collage Pauge. I then applied two applications of Collage Pauge over the top of the paper elements on the card.

When the card was dry, I highlighted the edges of the hearts with Stickles glitter glue. I then applied three silver glitter heart stickers (Martha Stewart) to the paper hearts.

I embellished the card with a pink rose sticker (Martha Stewart) and three tiny pink bows. I punched two flowers from a piece of  pink handmade paper and made the center of the flower from the sheet music.

I am going to use this as a birthday card. Thank you for taking a look at this card.

Please share your thoughts in the Comments Section below.

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