Monday, January 30, 2012

Kindle Books For Kids: Heaven Is For Real For Kids

Colton Burpo tells the story about how he got sick and went to Heaven when he was almost four-years-old. "Heaven is for Real for Kids; A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back", by Todd Burpo, is written in a child's words and is meant to be shared with other children. The color illustrations reflect the experience Colton had during his amazing trip to Heaven.

About The Author
Todd Burpo is the pastor of Crossroads Wesleyan Church in Imperial, Nebraska where his sermons are broadcast locally every Sunday via the local radio station. He volunteers at Chase County Public Schools as wrestling coach for Junior High school students, as well as serving as a member of the school board. Todd graduated from Oklahoma Wesleyan University in 1991 with a BA in Theology. He was ordained in 1994.

A Little Boy's Journey to Heaven
Colton Burpo was almost four-years-old when he became ill and was taken to the hospital. During his stay in the hospital, he closed his eyes and found himself being carried to Heaven by an angel.

Colton describes all the things he saw and all the things he experienced while in Heaven. The text is very simple and is written in a way that children can understand. Each page is illustrated with a beautiful color illustration that complements the text. There is also a Bible verse on each page that supports the experiences that Colton described while he was in Heaven.

My Thoughts
This book is a child's version of the best-selling adult book "Heaven is for Real; A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back." I have not read this original version of the book but plan to read it in the future.

I read this book on my Kindle 3 (black and white illustrations) and on the Kindle for PC Application (color illustrations). The illustrations and text are a good fit for the Kindle. Children will find this book easy and enjoyable to read on the small screen of the Kindle.

I think the child's version of "Heaven is for Real" is a book that is well-suited to share with children of all ages. This book will help parents explain what happens after a person dies. Colton remembers seeing all kinds of animals in heaven so this book would also be appropriate to answer questions about what happens to pets when they die.

Christian parents will find this book poignant and astounding. It is truly amazing that this young child could have an experience like this and be able to describe it in such vivid detail. There will always be skeptics, but I found Colton's story very believable and inspiring.

The theme of this book is "Jesus really, really loves children and Jesus really, really loves you." There is a FAQ section at the end of the book that provides more information about the Burpo family and Colton's experience. Highly recommended.

FYI ~ I checked-out this ebook from my public library.

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