Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Review: Save Your Marriage - Get Rid Of Your Resentment

Do you tend to give your spouse the "silent treatment" when you are upset? Do you mull the same old issue over a lot, building a tighter case against your partner as time goes by?

Marriage counselor Claire Hatch, author of "Save Your Marriage; Get Rid Of Your Resentment", believes that resentment could be undermining the closeness you want from your relationship. She explains how most resentments develop in a predictable cycle in this ebook.

About the Author
Claire Hatch first showed an interest in counseling at age 14, when she volunteered on a crisis hotline for teenagers. Now a licensed social worker, she maintains a private practice near Seattle, WA. She specializes in marriage counseling and works to bridge the engineer/woman divide.

The Cycle of Resentment
The author defines "resentment" as anger that snowballs in your mind because you can't express your feelings and be understood. Either you try and get stuck in the blame game, or you've given up. This ebook is mostly for women who are afraid that resentment is sapping the life out of their marriage.

Ms. Hatch has identified a "resentment cycle" that explains how resentment really works. The following elements are included in the cycle of resentment;
  • Trigger event
  • Burning unmet desires
  • Negative conclusions
  • Painful feelings
  • Reactions
  • New desires
The author encourages the reader to print out a worksheet from her web site to work through each part of the cycle. This makes the woman aware of what is going on with her feelings before she talks to her spouse.

Ms. Hatch offers some very helpful communication tools to help the husband/wife learn to discuss their feelings in a successful manner. Many husbands will not be eager to talk about their feelings because they have been caught in the trap of not talking. The author gives many suggestions for healthy and productive communication between a husband and wife.

My Thoughts
This book begins with a case study based on two couples that Ms. Hatch has counseled in her private practice. She does a very good job explaining exactly how resentment can drive a wedge between a couple and damage their marriage.

After explaining the problem, the author goes into a detailed explanation of the cycle of resentment and how to overcome it. She offers women many suggestions for communicating with their husbands in a way that will improve the relationship and make the couple feel close again.

Ms. Hatch provides practical, do-able advice in an easy-to-understand method. The strategies in this relatively short ebook can really make a difference in your marriage and your life. The price of this Kindle ebook is $0.99 ~ This is an incredible resource for the money. Highly recommended!

FYI ~ Thank you to Ms. Hatch for sending me a complimentary digital copy of this book to read and review.

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