Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book Review: Santa Flies A Bushplane

A 9-year-old Alaskan boy finds two large packages in the middle of a snowy field.
Did they fall from Santa's sleigh?

"Santa Flies A Bushplane; a Christmas Revelation", by Lance Brodie, is a touching story about a young boy's quest to find Santa Claus....and the real meaning of Christmas.

Where Is Santa?
A young Alaskan boy's sister tells him that Santa Claus does not exist. The boy is determined to prove her wrong.

Lance finds two large Christmas packages in the middle of a snowy field. The packages are right out in the open and have large red ribbons on them. He believes these presents must have fallen from Santa's sleigh and some unfortunate children would be very disappointed on Christmas morning.

The boy decides to open the boxes to see if he could find out where the packages came from. There are no toys in these packages. Instead, he finds baby bottles, infant formula, a disassembled wheelchair, old eyeglasses, some pills and metal leg braces.

Lance knows that these packages must have been going to a hospital or orphanage where they will be urgently needed.  He knows that he has to chase Santa Claus down and get these packages back into his hands, or die in the attempt.

My Thoughts
The boy embarks on an amazing adventure to find Santa and return the packages before it is too late. He displays perseverance, courage and determination in his quest to return these packages to the original owner.

This short Christmas story is a FANTASTIC read for the entire family. It proves that Santa Claus really does exist and he has many helpers. I highly recommend this book for your reading enjoyment.

FYI ~ I ordered this ebook from Amazon.Com ~ I received the book while it was offered as a FREE digital download. Please check the price before ordering.

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