Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Review: Get A Good Tree or Die Trying; A Christmas Story

Your wife is called out of town and YOU are given the responsibility of choosing the perfect Christmas tree.

Will you accept the challenge?

"Get A Good Tree or Die Trying; A Christmas Story", by Ray Allman, is a short fiction story (approximately 6000 words) that will leave you with a smile in your heart. Ray Allman is the main character in this Christmas story of adventure, disaster and triumph.

A Christmas Adventure
Ray's wife is a yuleaholic and plans every detail of Christmas in the Allman home. His wife believes it is bad luck to bring a Christmas tree into the house before the second Saturday before Christmas. Every year on that Saturday afternoon, his wife and daughter pick out the perfect tree because women have the "right eye" for it.

This year is different. Ray's wife receives a call from her sister saying that she is in labor. Ray and his four-year-old son are left with duty of finding a perfect tree and putting it up on the proper day.

Ray believes he is up to the task. On Saturday morning, he loads his son into the car and they begin their quest to find the perfect tree. Unfortunately, things do not work out as planned. Ray and his son are permanently banned from the Christmas Tree Farm. They travel to another tree farm only to find that all the trees are only three feet tall! What will he do?

Ray knows that his wife will be MORE than upset if she comes home and the tree is not in place. Desperate people do desperate things.  You will be falling out of your chair with laughter when you read how Ray finally finds the perfect tree and gets it to his house.

My Thoughts
Yesterday I decorated our family Christmas tree. When I saw the title of this story, I knew that I had to read it. This is a short, entertaining read that will have you shaking your head in disbelief and laughing out loud. This is a hilarious story of family dynamics from a husband's point of view. The story ends with a funny, ironic twist...I won't spoil it for you. This little gem will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit with a smile on your face.

FYI ~ I purchased a digital copy of this book from Amazon.Com ~ It was a free download at the time I received it.

Do you have family traditions that have to do with your Christmas tree? Please share your thoughts in the Comments Section below.
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