Friday, October 28, 2011

Book Review: Reflections At Sunrise

Reflections at Sunrise, by Sandra Dorsett, is a short memoir about a widow's feelings of sadness, grief and hope. Ms. Dorsett writes a heart-wrenching story about her husband's battle with cancer. She shares her journey through grief and healing since his death. This book will take you about 20 minutes to read and will give you a new perspective on life, death and love.

This book is currently being offered as a FREE Kindle book on Amazon.

My Thoughts
Amazon has been offering quite a few FREE short stories, essays and articles.  I enjoy checking out some of these short stories when I have a limited amount time to read.
I have found that quite a few of these short stories are only mediocre. I don't like to write negative reviews, so I usually just read these stories and move on to the next book.
This short story is an exception to many of the others that I have is a real gem. Ms. Dorsett writes from the heart and shares some of the most difficult things about taking care of a sick spouse and then dealing with his death.
Chuck Davis died of lung cancer on December 27. 2004. The author shares the details of her husband's last year of life. She also explains how very difficult it was for her to get through the grief and move forward with her life.
I would like to share the following paragraph from Ms. Dorsett's story;
"I wish we could've grown old together. I miss our date nights. I miss seeing him pull into our drive in his blue truck. I miss seeing him in his favorite red cowboy shirt and his tan boots. I miss seeing the love in his eyes. I miss him. I know that missing him may become a shadow in my heart, but it will never stop."
This story reminds us that we should never take our loved ones for granted.  A person really can't understand what it would be like to lose a spouse to death until they have experienced it. This story will provide comfort and hope to those who are mourning. It will help us all understand the grieving and healing process. "Reflections At Sunrise" is well worth the time it will take you to read it.

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