Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tales Of The Revolution

In the week after Seth Godin published Poke the Box, people wrote the author sharing stories of how they were taking initiative in their own lives. People were encouraged to write to The Domino Project and share stories of people who are poking the box by going above and beyond to make a difference by doing. These stories were posted and the readers voted on their favorites.
Many of the submissions were about people who were making their workplaces better, some were starting a new business, and many were improving their communities or devising creative philanthropy.

Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People who are Poking the Box and Making a Difference is a collection of the best ranked one hundred stories. These stories will inspire you to take the information that you received from reading Poke the Box and use it to make a difference in the world. I have listed the details from some of these stories below.

Brave Girls Club; Life Changing Fun For Women ~ Their mission is to find all of the brave women of the help them find each other...then to change the world with good news, good ideas, good people, and good times.
This project was started by two sisters in 2006 and has grown to a group with thousands of members.

Ex-Pipefitter Chages Lives and Goes For His Dream ~ Mike Monahan left pipefitting in order to become CEO and executive director for the Cincinnati-based nonprofit Life Success Seminars.  His first book, From the Jungle to the Boardroom, was recently released.

Touched Twice United  is empowering churches to meet the healthcare and spiritual crisis of America through free one-day clinic events. TTU began in 1996 when eleven volunteers offered free medical screenings and vision care in Louisville, Kentucky.

Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People who are Poking the Box and Making a Difference is being offered as a FREE Kindle book from Amazon.Com. This is a quick and easy read that will plant seeds of service in the minds of anyone who reads it. This book is about many ordinary people who had an idea and acted on it. The beauty of this book is that it was written as a group project and offers a very diverse look at the needs in the world.

Remember, you do not have to own a Kindle to read a Kindle book. There are FREE Kindle Applications for your PC and other mobile devices.

I recently wrote a book review for Poke the Box. I would love for you to share your thoughts on these two Seth Godin books in the comments below.
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