Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Blessings

I want to wish each of you a very happy and blessed Easter weekend. I would like to share a beautiful Easter song with you that was written by my friend, Mary Buford. This song expresses the true joy of Easter morning.

Words and Music by Mary M. Buford. All Rights Reserved.
Easter Dawn

When Mary sadly trod the garden path
That Easter dawn,
And looked within her Savior's tomb
And found His body gone.

She started back in great dismay,
And through eyes dimmed with tears;
She thought she saw the gardener there,
And brought to him her fears:

"My Lord is gone...I know not where...
But, Sir, if you would know;
Where He is laid, please tell me now,
That to Him I may go."

One word He spoke, her name, t'was all,
But then she knew! SHE KNEW!
Oh, glory of the lighted mind! Oh, love that shatters fears that bind!
Oh, wonder of God's grand design! All He foretold comes True!

The bells of all the years of Easter mornings ring!
And joy abounds like Mary knew,
In hearts where Christ is King!

Indeed He conqured death for all who come to Him.
Oh!, now we see Thee, Lord of Life;
Our eyes no longer dim.

From Cana to Gethsemane, we meet our risen Lord.
From valley deep to mountain steep, we're lifted by His Word.
And, Oh, those precious moments when, like Easter morn anew,
We meet with Jesus once again, in those who love Him too.

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