Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Review: Wrestling Prayer

I am always striving to have a more intimate relationship with God. I was drawn to the title of this book; "Wrestling Prayer: A Passionate Communion with God".  The word "wrestle" means "to contend, as in a struggle for mastery; grapple, struggle".  I was eager to learn how wrestling prayer worked.
This book was written by Eric and Leslie Ludy, a husband-wife team who have been in the Christian ministry for many years and have written 18 Christian books.  I like the way that Eric wrote one chapter and then Leslie wrote the next.  The material is covered from both the male and female point-of-view.  The authors tell about a turning point in their lives when Leslie was pregnant but lost the baby.  They felt that God wanted them to put on the full armor of seal up every breach that would allow the enemy to gain access into their lives.  He wanted them to call upon His name and allow Him to come to their rescue in time of need.  After much prayer and Bible study, the Ludys learned that when the enemy attacked, God didn't want them to accept it.  God wanted them to stand up and fight against the enemy's intentions for their lives. This was the beginning of their quest to become skilled wrestling prayer warriors.  
This book tells about many wrestling prayer warriors in the Bible and through-out history.  The Ludys explain how they have made many changes in their lifestyle to allow more time for meditation and prayer.  The couple learned that serious prayer and communication with God would take much more time than they had previously allowed.  They also learned that the rewards that come from "wrestling prayer" are greater than they could have ever imagined.
If you are serious about drawing closer to God, this book will really open your eyes to many new possibilities.  
I read this book in digital format on my Kindle.  I borrowed the book from a fellow member of the Kindle Lending Club.

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