Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today is Veteran's Day.  The picture above is a postcard that was issued during World War I.  This poem is dedicated to all who have served our country.


War is a performance staged by the "Angel of Sin"
When he opens his theater and invites everyone in;
The chief actors engaged are "Power" and "Greed"
Which have flourished for years on a poor people's need.

A great many characters must put on this play,
"Selfishness" first has a long prologue to say,
Then bold "Authority" rushes out to be shown
And "Hatred" springs up, by evil tongues sown.
In the tragedy, "Beauty" alone has no place,
And "Truth," despairing, stands hiding her face,
While "Hope," "Love" and "Charity" are striving, each one,
With the players to see that the "Right Thing" is done.

The scenery used is fair places laid waste,
Homes broken up in disaster and haste,
Children dying of hunger, mothers frantic with fears,
A background of sorrow, of blood and of tears.

The stage is the "World", and millions of men
Are engaged in the cast, and none can tell when
The performance will end, the curtain rung down
On the "Angel of Sin" with his reign overthrown.

Oh! May the time come and may it come soon,
That, the tragedy over, we are granted the boon
Of "Security" and "Peace" which "Victory" has won,
Then "Hope" will abide because "Justice" was done.
Poem by Lavina M. Bodley (Wandering And Wondering, 1932)

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