Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ultimate Blog Challenge


I am pariticipating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge during the month of October.  My goal is to post a total of 31 blog articles by the end of the month.  I believe this challenge will make me a better blogger and build traffic to my blog.
A blog challenge can benefit my blog in many different ways.  Here is a list of 5 ways The Ultimate Blog Challenge can improve my blogging strategy;
#5 – Set an example for clients!

#4 – Create a daily habit!

#3 – Reading other peoples posts!

#2 – Make connections (Interact) with other amazing people!

I think ACCOUNTABILITY is the most important benefit of this blog challenge.  I started the August Ultimate Blog Challenge but I did not complete it.  I pledge to complete this challenge and I think my blog will benefit from my commitment.
I want to thank Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer for sponsoring this blog challenge.  These ladies are awesome role models.
I am planning some fun contests and giveaways for later this month.  Please click on the "Follow" button on the left so you won't miss a single thing.  See ya soon!


Bill Beavers Dog Crates said...

Way to go Janette. How is it going so far?

Janette Fuller said...

Hi Bill!
It is going great. I am a little behind on my daily posts but hope to catch up this week.
Thanks for your comments!

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