Thursday, October 7, 2010

Book Review: International Children's Bible

I recieved a new edition of the  International Children's Bible from Booksneeze to review.  This is a paperback Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) that was published in 2010 by Thomas Nelson.  

The cover states; "The Translation Children Can Read And Understand."  This is not a storybook or a paraphrased Bible.  It is a translation of God's Word from the original Hebrew and Greek languages.  The editors wanted to provide a trustworthy translation and a clear translation.  Bible scholars worked with reading specialists to make the language simple enough for children in grades 2 - 6 to read and understand it for themselves.  Sentences have been kept short and uncomplicated.  Vocabulary choice has been based upon The Living Word Vocabulary which is the standard used by the editors of The World Book Encyclopedia.

The Bible is illustrated with full-page color computer generated illustrations.  Children will enjoy these pictures and will want to read about them in the Bible.  There is a Contents page in the front of the Bible that lists all the books of the Old Testament and New Testament with the page numbers.  In the back of the Bible there is a dictionary, an index of the most popular Bible stories, memory verses and Bible maps. 

I read several of my favorite Bible passages in this translation and I was very impressed.  This is the perfect Bible for your elementary school age child to take to Sunday School and church.  The best thing is your child can read and study Scripture that is discussed at church or in your home Bible study.  My only problem with this book is the paperback cover.  I would advise you to get this Bible with a hardback cover so that it will last for several years. 

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