Monday, September 20, 2010

Christian Movie Review; The Least Among You

This is the first Christian movie that I have reviewed, and I want to thank Booksneeze for sending it to me to review.

This movie is based on a true story about Richard Kelly, a young black man who was caught up in the Watts riots in 1965 and accused of assault and battery of a police officer.  He had just been offered a job in business finance, but his mother had secretly applied to an all-white Christian seminary for him to attend.  Richard Kelly's attorney told him that he could get out of jail on probabtion IF he agreed to give up his dream job and attend the seminary.  He reluctantly agreed to attend the seminary.

This movie presented Richard Kelly's struggles at surviving racial prejudice from other students, professors and even the president of the seminary.  Richard meets a black gardener at the seminary who helps guide him through his many problems.

Richard also has to deal with problems back at home because his mother is very ill and she needs money for medical treatments.  The hospital requests that a $5000 down payment be made before any surgical procedure will be possible. In the absence of a father, or indeed any financial aid, Richard is forced to resort to his drug-dealing childhood friend Roscoe, for help.

It looks like Richard is almost ready to give up and leave the seminary, when he receives a divine touch and encouragement from unexpected sources. 

This is an inspiring movie that is not sugar-coated or sappy.  There are times when the scenes jump from one character to another and it is a little hard to follow.  Overall, this is a good movie for family or church youth group.

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