Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get Rid Of Your Worries

An  interesting method for getting rid of worries is described by the physical training instructor and authority on relaxation from the 1950s, Joseph A. Kennedy, in Relax and Live.
As he explains, mental imagery is wiped out of the mind when we visualize, imagine, or remember black perfectly.
"Just remember having seen some black object in the past," he says. "You may remember whatever black object is easiest for you—a black telephone, a black pair of shoes, a black letter seen in a book, black coal, black velvet drapes . . . Remembering a small black period on a page is best of all, but remember whatever black object it is easiest for you to remember, and you can even shift from one black object to another, if you wish."
Keep it simple.  The next time you find yourself burdened with worry, just remember this period.

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