Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Four Words That Hurt

We can all learn to avoid showing off how much we know, or trying to prove how much better, smarter, and stronger we are than the next person. When you become quietly self-confident, you won't have to shout, like Annie Oakley, "I can do anything better than you can."
After she had proven this very point, Annie lost her man in the play and film, Annie Get Your Gun. She didn't win him back until she tried just the opposite tactic—letting him prove that there were some things he could do better than she could.
Whenever you are tempted to be an Annie Oakley (and this applies whether you're a man or woman) stop and think. What good will it do you or the other person to prove that you're smarter than he is? He will only resent you for having shown him up.
It sometimes takes a lot of restraint to refrain from using four simple words: "I told you so." God bless everyone who learns this habit of restraint.

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