Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Is Your Mind In Love: A Book Review

This is Your Brain in Love: New Scientific Breakthroughs for a More Passionate and Emotionally Healthy Marriage is a fascinating book that helps you understand the brain as it applies to love.

Dr. Earl Henslin applies the latest in brain imaging to real life and shows how the brain affects your love life.  This book is filled with stories of real couples that Dr. Henslin has counseled in his private practice.  Dr. Henslin is the founder of a Christian counseling group in California.

Dr. Henslin identifies the following kinds of lovers and connects them to specific sections of your brain;

The Scattered Lover (Prefrontal Cortex)
The Overfocused Lover ( Cingulate Gyrus)
The Blue Mood Lover ( Deep Limbic System)
The Agitated Lover ( Temporal Lobes)
The Anxious Lover ( Basal Ganglia)

Dr Henslin encourages people to have a SPECT Brain Scan to be able to determine what category you are in.  However, you don't need to have a brain scan to gain valuable information from this book.  There is a self-test at the beginning of each chapter that lists symptoms for each kind of lover.  Dr. Henslin offers suggestions for "calming" each of the lover types and strategies for his/her spouse.

This book offers medical advise, dietary suggestions and supplements, relaxation techniques and much more information on how to become the best spouse that you can be.   The book is written by a clinical psychologist but the information is not too tedious or technical. 

I decided that I am somewhere between a scattered lover and an anxious lover.  I plan to take many of the suggestions in this book and apply them to my life.  I recommend this book for your consideration if you are seeking a more passionate and emotionally healthy marriage.

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