Monday, January 9, 2012

Kindle Books for Kids: Pinky Bunny's First Day of Kindergarten

"Pinky Bunny's First Day of  Kindergarten", by Kristina Cardoza, is a cute story about a shy little bunny and her first day of kindergarten.

The unique thing about this book is the author was just 5 years old when she wrote this book! The story is based on the author's own first day of school. Pinky is a real stuffed animal that was a gift from Kristina's grandmother.

About the Author
Kristina Cardoza is currently 10 years old and is in the 5th grade. She wrote "Pinky Bunny's First Day of Kindergarten" when she was 5 years old. She wrote this story because she wanted to express how she felt on her first day of Kindergarten: no friends, was shy, and wanted to stay home because she missed her old friends.

Pinky Goes To Kindergarten
Pinky the bunny was not happy about going to kindergarten. When she got there, she was lonely because she did not have any friends. A friendly blue Cottontail bunny came up to Pinky and asked her to play. They were having a good time but were soon approached by a bully named Hops who wanted to wrestle.

Hops was very persistent and would not leave Pinky and Cottontail alone. They had to hide behind a slide just to get away from Hops. When it was time to go home, Hops sneaked into Pinky's red van and went home with her.

This story had a happy ending when Hops understood that he made some wrong choices. Pinky and Cottontail forgave him and they all became friends.

My Thoughts
This is a very cute story told from a child's point-of-view. This book would be a great way to motivate boys and girls to write about their own experiences. Kristina writes about a problem that most all children worry about...not having any friends. She also does a good job explaining how she felt while having to deal with an aggressive bully.

I read this ebook on my Kindle 3 (black-and-white pictures) and on the Kindle for PC application (color pictures). There is one color picture on each page and 4 to 8 lines of text underneath each illustration. There is a different color emphasized on many of the pages...ex. the word "BLUE" is colored blue. The illustrations look great in color and are large and clear enough to enjoy on the black-and-white screen of the Kindle. The print is a tad small but I don't think this is a major concern.

The conversation between the bunny children is very realistic and poignant. This is a wonderful little ebook to share with young children. The book could be used to motivate creative writing and storytelling. It is also a very helpful resource for discussing the problem of bullies and how to deal with them. Very good for read-aloud or beginning readers. Highly recommended!

My Rating:  5 Star out of 5

FYI ~ I ordered this ebook from Amazon.Com. when it was offered as a free digital download. Please check the price before ordering.

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