Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Overcharged And Double Charged At Walmart

No, I did not steal the title of this blog post from the lyrics of a country western song.

I am sharing this story to remind all consumers that they MUST be proactive and vigilant in monitoring the clerk at the check-out counter for errors.  My experience happened at Walmart but I am sure the same thing happens at many other retail stores.

I recently read the story of Mary Bach, a Pennsylvania woman who sued Walmart (and won) over an overcharge of two cents. I now understand why she took the legal action that she did.

Five Ears Of Corn
I have been a loyal Walmart shopper for many years. I was recently buying groceries and decided to buy some corn on the cob. I went over to the produce section and located the corn. I saw a yellow tag under the corn that said, "CORN ~ .38". In very small print it said something like "48 dozen".
I chose five ears of corn and went to the express checkout counter to pay. I always try to watch the prices as they come up on the computer during the checkout process.
I noticed that I was being charged 50 cents each for the ears of corn. I told the clerk that the corn was priced at 38 cents an ear. She walked over to the produce and checked the price. She came back and said that the 38 cents was for 48 dozen ears and she had to charge me the price on the computer which was 50 cents.


The only thing I can figure was that this was the wholesale price. I really don't know. I do know that I did not want 48 dozen ears of corn and I wasn't going to pay 50 cents for ONE ear of corn.

I politely asked the checker to remove the corn from my bill and handed the corn to her to return to the produce department. I paid with my credit card and started walking to my car.

I Was DOUBLE CHARGED For Something I Did Not Buy!
As I was walking to the car, I glanced at my receipt. I instantly noticed that something was not right. I was charged $2.50 for corn at the top of the receipt and I was charged another $2.50 for the corn at the bottom of the receipt.
The clerk DOUBLE charged me for the corn!!!

Unfortunately, I was parked at the far side of the parking lot. I turned around and walked back into the store and stood in the Customer Service line for about 15 minutes. I explained to the clerk what happened and she credited my card for $5.00.
KUDOS to the customer service clerk!!! She was very pleasant and quickly corrected the error.

Moral Of The Story
Always watch the prices that come up during checkout. Double check your receipt. These errors happen all the time and often go undetected. Buyer beware!

Have you been overcharged or double charged? Please share your story in the Comments Section below.
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