Saturday, June 26, 2010

Next Time

How do you handle blatant BAD service at a fast food establishment?  Today my husband and I were shocked at the service we received at The Long John Silver's Restaurant at 800 North Loop 336 West, Conroe, Texas.
We went into the restaurant to eat lunch before we did some Saturday shopping.  I placed my order and then my husband said, "I will take the Two-Piece Fish Combo." 
The lady taking the order said, "What do you want to drink?"
My husband said, "A drink comes with it, doesn't it?"
The lady behind the counter said, " A drink DOES NOT come with the fish platter."
My husband said, "The picture (on the menu) shows the fish combo with a drink."
The lady said, "The "L5" comes with a drink but you ordered the fish platter and you don't get a drink with the fish platter." 
Then the lady taking the order just went off on how my husband didn't say "L5" and he wasn't going to get a drink because he ordered the fish platter. 
I was standing right there and I know that my husband said "COMBO" not "PLATTER".  The two-piece fish combo was "L5" on the menu and the lady freaked out because he didn't say "L5".
We were both speechless and I am very sorry that we did not walk out right then.  I explained that my husband wanted the "L5"... the two piece fish combo with a drink.
OK, she was happy since I said "L5" so we paid for the order and sat down at a table.
I thought it was over, but I was very wrong.
The same lady that took our order brought the food to our table and argued with us again about how we placed the order wrong because we didn't say "L5".  She said she just wanted to let us know so we could get it right next time.
When we got home, I called the Long John Silver's Restaurant and asked to speak to the manager.  She told me to call a customer service hot line and report what happened.  I called the number and I got a recording saying they could not accept my call because I was on a cell phone! 

I hate to tell the rude lady that waited on us today, but there is not going to be a next time!  There are too many other fast food places to choose from.  We made a bad choice today but we will not do it again.

How would you handle this situation?  I would like to get some feed-back on this matter.  Am I over-reacting?  Thank you for your opinion!


Insightful Nana said...

The fact you couldn't quickly and properly express your complaint tell you where the waitress problem is coming from. "The Top"

I find when I get rude service...I'm not the first. The establishment has ignored that rude behavior before.

Frankly...I think your well within your right to broadcast this information across the internet.

I for one, am tired of putting up with such nonsense. Such businesses need to be exposed!

Cori said...

SO rude! And no cell phone? What is this...1992?

I'd write an email to corporate -- not that it'll do anything. But it might help you feel a little better about it. You can also say you wrote about it on your blog and that you are going to tell your friends not to frequent the restaurant.

Ugh. Sorry you had to go through that.

Sally Liddicoat said...

I am always amazed at how businesses have the mentality that since they are there and they provide 'stuff', that's all they need to stay in business.
I had an experience recently with a local coffee shop that is under new management. My husband blogged about it on -and although he told the story, it doesn't mention that the poor service actually started about a week and a half sooner. Sad! but unlikely they will be in business this time next year.

treasurefield said...

I had a similar experience at Applebees. The waitress wasn't that rude just didn't care that a crucial part of my salad was missing. Maybe because I'd already eaten part of it before I realized but still... It was a $9 salad! I didn't push it but wish I had. Service has never been great at any of the Applebees locations and the food is hit or miss.
Their loss. My family won't be going back.

Inspirational Speaker Kevin Thompson said...

Wow. I wished I lived in Texas. I would have come down to the restaurant and informed the manager that his business could benefit from my services as a speaker on customer service.

You have to understand that the lady you were dealing with had limited intelligence and a limited vocabulary. You have to admit, coming over to the table to bring it up again is way over the top. The fact that she felt compelled to say something again confirms her limited mind set.

I would have left as soon as she did that. Why? There is no telling what she did with the food before she brought it to the table.

Then you could not leave a complaint because you were calling from a cell phone? WOW. This place needs a complete overhaul.

Thank you so much for sharing this example of poor customer service.

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